NGR Connect

NGR Connect

With NGR CONNECT, NGR breaks new ground in communication and documentation between manufacturer, user and machine. Remote maintenance has traditionally been used to respond to problems after they have occurred. This new software solution, on the other hand, enables continuous transmission of all operating parameters, making it possible to identify problems when they start or prevent them entirely. Thus, NGR CONNECT increases economy and output and simultaneously reduces unproductive downtime.

The benefits of NGR Connect at a glance

Workflow precision

The NGR CONNECT software identifies problems as soon as they begin to emerge. Human and machine get closer together for maximally optimized operation of the system.

24/7 Online

All authorized users, such as production managers, quality managers, persons in charge of maintenance and CEOs, can access the current and past operation parameters at any time – easily over a web interface using any browser.

Connect Mobile

A specially developed app enables authorized users to access the operation parameters at any time, even from mobile terminal devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Access authorizations

It is possible to predefine exactly who will have access to which data. This ensures that each user will only view exactly those parameters that they need for their work and analyses. Thus, nobody will be flooded with data.

KPI documentation

NGR Connect collects all relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that the users need for evaluating the machine performance.

Full Data Security

For the communication, NGR uses a cloud service provided by a globally active cloud provider. Thus, data security and security standards against external access are maintained at the highest level.

Maintenance? Check!

With NGR CONNECT, correctly observed maintenance intervals are no longer an issue. If a service case is coming up, the software issues corresponding notes. In addition, all maintenance work is documented automatically with the highest precision.

Checking process quality

Thanks to the continuous supervision of all parameters, any deviation from the target process quality can be detected and corrected quickly. Beyond that, the stored production parameters allow for seamless documentation of product quality.

Online registration for service

Using the software, service tickets for maintenance work can be requested directly at NGR at any time. No need to call or e-mail for a service appointment – for more time in everyday work.

Put us to the test!

Your plastic waste is tomorrow’s raw material.

In our test centers, we will demonstrate to you the performance of NGR recycling machines using your raw materials. We’ll be pleased to show you the benefits in person.

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