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Welcome to the NGR testcenter Europe

Your plastic waste is a valuable resource! We aim to transform your plastic waste into high-value pellets.

Our technical centre will assist you on this matter. State-of-the art recycling technology, experienced technicians and an in-house laboratory will identify the optimum recycling result. Right from the start you will have the technical and commercial certainty to make the right decision.

The NGR test center team looks forward to your visit!

Make an appointment with your regional sales manager!

Wolfgang Pössenberger, Sales Director

Wolfgang Pössenberger

Area Sales Manager

Responsible for

Portugal, Israel, Camerun, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Angola, South Africa + neighbouring countries, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi, Ruanda, Sudan

Mathias Strasser, Area Sales Manager

Mathias Strasser

Area Sales Manager

Responsible for

Spain, UK, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenien, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal

Daniel Szymanek, Area Sales Manager

Daniel Szymanek

Area Sales Manager

Responsible for

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux

Markus Huemer, Area Sales Manager

Markus Huemer

Area Sales Manager

Responsible for

Poland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, CIS, Middle East, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Baltic States

Karlheinz Berger, Area Sales Manager

Karlheinz Berger

Area Sales Manager

Responsible for

Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, France, Turkey
Algeria, Morocco, Tunesia, Libya

Put us to the test!

Your plastic waste is tomorrow’s raw material.

In our test centers, we will demonstrate to you the performance of NGR recycling machines using your raw materials. We’ll be pleased to show you the benefits in person.

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